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Russia admits renegade Russian backed rebels caused downing of MH17


A Russian official issued a statement on Sonday saying that the Russian government suspects Russian backed renegade rebels were responsible for the downing of flight MH17 over Oekrane. Russia will start it's own internal investigation in the matter.

Days after the dissapointment over the Dutch report concerning the causes of the downing of MH17 Russia replied with some investigation outcomes of their own. The Dutch report has been widely criticized for avoiding to mention Russian involvement, this for policitcal reasons.

MH17 statements just made by Russia are welcomed by researchers and especially by the family of those who have been killed. Russia has said that it has indeed supported rebels in Oekrane, but say they didn't authorize the attack on a civilian plane. Russie says that a small group of rebels have defected from the main rebelgroup and are in fact loose cannons. Russia have already ordered the rebels to hunt down these renegades to bring them to justice.

Just as Russia is committed to helping out Syria againts ISIS, the country is motivated to also bring those rebels to justice who were responsible for the unfortunate downing of flight MH17.