News how it should be (satirical content)

Turkey says it might charge toll for drones in their airspace


Turkish jets have escorted a drone that flew over the Syrian border and entered
Turkish airspace. The drone seems to have been lost and needed guidance in
finding it's way.

It remains unclear which country owns the drone. Russia, The United States and
Syria all operate drones in the area. Turkey is not happy with the foreign
drones flying in their airspace. One Turkish official said "these foreign drones
just don't know the rules of our airspace and keep getting lost. Our domestic
drones have been able to avoid collisions with the foreign drones, but it's a
matter of time before there will be an accident. And also we simply don't have
time to keep helping the foreign drones find their way. We are thinking about
charging toll in our airspace to cover the costs.".

It seems like a matter of time before drones aren't allowed anymore to roam any
airspace they want. One way to avoid this would be to set universel drone air
traffic rules. Until now the Turkish authorities refuse to talk about
international rules, they simply think their rules are the best and should be adopted by other countries.