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Medvedev: Russia's military operation aimed at recruiting top ISIS talent


The Russian prima minister on Saturday said that the main goal of the mission in Syria is to capture and recruit the top ISIS talent. He believes the tactic of acquihire, used by lots of top tech companies, could really benefit Syria as well as Russia.

Russia is no longer a top military world power but it is now actively trying to once again play an important role on the world stage. Unfortunately the autonomous growth and capabilities of the Russian military has reached the maximum. To make the final leap to the top, Russia has decided it is best to recruit form outside Russia.

The last couple of years, ISIS has been one of the fastest growing terrorist organisation and has marketed themselves in an amazing wat. They have attracted international attention, made huge progress in concurring land, broadening their weapon arsenal, have launched a succesful marketing campaign and have been able to recruit top terrorist talent.

With the defeat of ISIS, Russia thinks it can drastically improve it's international position and military ability. Once ISIS is in, they hope to make a succesful bid in acquiring the tsjetsjenia rebels.