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'El Chapo' injured. Unsure if he can complete the ultramarathon


Mexican druglord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman has been injured when he was overrun by fans. 'El Chapo' started his indefinate ultramarathon July 11 2015 at prison. He made headlines by starting in a tunnel on the back of a motorbike.

The ultramarathon that 'El Chapo' is attempting started with an unexpected one mile long bikerun. Soon after he has hit the ground running and has already conquered many woods, mountains and long roads. He has shown great dedication by insisting to go by himself and not accept any cheers from his supporters.

Today some fans found out the location of 'El Guzman' and tried deseperately to catch a glimpse of him. Unfortunately, some fans couldn't help themselves and tried to embrace 'El Chapo' in an attempt to make an 'El Chapo selfie'. 'El Chapo' was very surpised when all of the sudden the fans showed up on a deserted path and started to make a selfie with him. He really didn't think they would find him.

One fan, known as 'El Grande' got so excited when he saw 'El Chapo' that he gave him such a big hug, thta 'El Chapo'  suffered a back injury. Doctors say he has suffered from a sqeezed back and faces up to 3 days recovery time.

'El Chapo' has shown great characted by insisting to continue his race, no matter the pain he feels. He also expressed his concerns regarding the fans finding him, saying: "they should really just let me go. I am hapy with the fans, but please respect my privacy. I will promise to make more selfies and post these on my Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep the public informed about my progress.