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U.N. To Kenyan Official: we will find a solution.


Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto gave the United Nations' refugee agency three months to relocate refugees from the Dabaab Camp to Somalia while saying "we shall relocate them ourselves".

There have been many problems in Kenya with the camp. It has been said that it has been a birthplace for many terrorist who are attacking sites like the Garissa University College in eastern Kenya last month. There have been ongoing discussions between Kenyan officials and the U.N. about the camp and it seems a solution is in the making. 

The largest refugee camp in the world was step up because of the Somalian civil war (1991). We are now 24 years later and still there have been no solution for the people in the refugee camp. The situation in the camp are tough. Meetings simple basis human needs is a huge challenge in the large complex, which has already been plagued by droughts, infectious deceases and other problems. The reason the refugees are still in the camp, is because a return to Somalia seems like an even worse option as violent attacks in Somalia continue to take place. Somalia simply isn't a safe place to live.

While Kenya is building a 700 kilometer lang wall covering the border to prevent terrorist from entering the country, the real solution is to shut down the terrorists and make sure the refugee can return to Somalia or move to better accommodations.

The U.N. has replied to the outcall of the Kenyan authorities and are already working on a plan. Sources say that the U.N. is already in talks with several countries about how many Somalian refugees their will be willing to accommodate. The U.N. will provide Kenya and the other relocation countries with financial and other aid. Also a program has been started to make the move as smoothly as possible. For instance the U.N. is making sure that the refugees will be relocated in a place that has the highest change of them integrating as soon and smoothly as possible. It is trying to take into account religion, educational level and possibilities, well-integrated family already living in the area, personals wishes, etc. 

It seems like a solution for the refugees and Kenya is in the making. We will follow this story as it progresses.