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Lamor Odom spent $75,000 on charity, gets overwhelmed and ends up in the hospital


Lamar Odom has been well known as a basketball star for the LA Lakers and because of his public romance with Khloe Kardashian. He has been out of the league for a couple of years and  he is now fighting for his life after spending $75,000 relentlessly in a weekend on charity.

It remains unknown what has made him lose his consciousness, altho sources say it could be because of charity fatigue. Allegedly he has visited a brothel where he decided to help out the workers with their financial situation. After hearing the stories of the sexworkers, Lamer really was shocked to learn that they worked there simply because they needed to pay rant and help their children get their education.,

After seeing so much unjust, Lamer broke down and decided to turn his brothel visit in one of charity. He decided $75,000 amongst the sex workers. The sex workers themselves refused to comment on the story, but did say that they very much appreciate the warm kindness of Lamar.

It were the sex workers who called 911 after Lamar passed out. He was using supplements all weekend they said, he needed to take this to keep going. Hearing all the stories, being heartbroken over it and the work of counting out the money, in the end just overwhelmed him.

The brothel issued a statement saying that they wish Lamar a speedy recovery.