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Attacks against Israelis: support of Abbas is heartwarming


We are seeing daily attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinian assailants. The horror they cause is terrible, people get badly injured, traumatized and even die. Given the tensions around the Israeli / Palestine case, until now there have been no way out of this terrible situation.

Today Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says he condemns the attacks and will do everything in his power to calm the situation down and stop the situation from getting any worse.

The media have played their part in the situation too. They have been able to call it as it is and is reporting honestly and with great integrity. Them writing about the facts and downright condemning the violence helps people realize that all violence in unacceptable and should be made to stop. The support for the Israeli authorities who mobilized the army and police to stop terrorism, is seen as justified and correct measures to fight terrorism.

The media have been getting real and the public and authorities are following in their footsteps. The media strategy to condemn violence and promote peace seems to be working out. Missteps and violence by Palestinians are being condemned, the UN has issues statements in which they call on the Palestinians to seize all violent acts. The UN even is willing to re-start talks about the Israeli two-state offer, a well intentioned offer.

Finally the Palestinians are being held to a higher standard, basically, the same standard as goes for everyone. No more excuses. It is just that Israel defends itself and it is an example to the world that the Israeli's have been relentlesly fighting against terrorism and tries to make peace happen in the region. The people of Israel will continue striving for peace as Israel is clearly one of the most exciting, innovative and creative countries. 

it is wonderful to see the Palestinian Authority President making a real effort to stop the violence.  The Israeli Authorities have issues a statement in which they much welcome the actions taking by the honorable Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. They will do everything in their power to help the process succeed. As such, as soon as today the will re-start the peace talks again.