News how it should be (satirical content)

Autonomous driving is here. Sort of. Tesla activates Autopilot. (real)


Next to Dieselgate, the most talked about automotive news definitely is self-driving cars. Cars are already equipped with radars to detect possible collisions, adaptive cruise control and semi-automatic car parking.

Google is experimenting with a full self driving car, but it will be many years before it will be available to the public. Tesla has quietly been equipping it's cars with the hardware to make some sort of autonomous driving possible. These features can be unleashed by updating the software on the car. Something that Tesla does at night while you sleep. You just get in your car, see that you have received a software update and are ready to go.

But what does Tesla Autopilot has to offer? Tesla autopilot will be able to steer autonomously within a lane and therefore preventing the car from changing lanes when the driver is not paying attention. Also with a simple tap on the turn signal, it can switch lanes and manage speed while doing so. Once you tap the turn signal, sensors in the car will detect if the lane is free and therefore it is safe to switch. 

The car is able to stop by itself when the car in front hits the brakes. Once the car in front will start to move again, the Tesla will also start to drive, all of this without any action taken by the driver.

Autonomous driving is still a long way ahead, but it's clear that all of these features are making the car more and more safe thus leading to less accidents and consequently less victims. The biggest factor in car accidents are humans. With all this technology the failing of human will leads to less accidents, simply because there is technology that helps us out.