News how it should be (satirical content)

Tuition free high quality University? Some countries actually offer this. (real)


If you want to attend a University, you better start saving money early or be ready to take on huge debt to help pay for large tuition fees. Fortunately there are countries who have found a way to keep their Universities free and therefore offering possibilities to all to receive a quality education, regardless of their financial means.

Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway all offer free education. This is based on the idea that education should not only be available to the wealthy, but for everyone. Of course there are differences in the way the organize this education. They all offer high quality education, but it seems Finland is coming out as best of class.

The Finnish system continues to receive widespread appreciation for it's education system. It's not only appreciation, they actually constantly come out on top in the international ranking for educational systems. 

So are you interested in a good quality University education, but don't have the money to make it happen, why not consider one of the countries that offer free education.