News how it should be (satirical content)

Man survives 6 days in the desert without water (real)


62 year old Reginals Foggerdy managed to survive 6 days in the Australian desert without water. He went out on a hunting expedition without any good preparation, even without water and got lost.

The authorities launched a massive land and air search to find him. They even got help from Aboriginal trackers. When they found him, he was about 9 miles from the spot were he went missing. He survived by eating ants and for last days, by saving as much energy as he could by lying down under a tree. 

It was pretty stupid to venture out into a vast hot desert without any preparation, but we still applaud his remarkable capability to survive in very harsh conditions. We are happy he survived and hope sits story will provide as a good example for others. Hopefully it will lead to them being more prepared.