News how it should be (satirical content)

Wildlife benefiting from lack of humans in Chernobyl area. (real)


When people think of Chernobyl, they remember the terrible devastating disaster with the reactor. A large area around Chernobyl was evacuated and remains uninhabited by humans. This lack of humans in a area is greatly benefiting wildlife.

The last couple of years there have been many reports stating that even though radiation levels are still high, nature in thriving. They seem to have found a way to live and thrive in a area with high nuclear contamination. We probable all have seen images of building being slowly taken over by nature. Trees, bushes and plants are growing into and all over buildings and are in fact erasing the past and replacing it with nature's blanket.

Recent research shows that wildlife populations have greatly grown again, this similar to those is other nature reserves in the region. The number of wolves are seven times that of comparable nature reserves and they are feasting on a abundance of elk, roe, deer, etc. This is a grab example of what can happen when people simply back off and let nature do it's work.