News how it should be (satirical content)

We are about being positive. Period.


News makes people feel terrible. Nowadays news almost solely contains negative news. War, crime, murder, violence, political unrest, etc. Research shows that this leads to people feeling significantly more anxious and sad. DailyNewsTwist is here to try to offer some counterbalance by providing a positive twist to the news. What if the news was different? We take those negative news and turn them into something nicer. Disclaimer: our news is fake, it's satire. If it's a real news story, we will add the word "real" to the story.

What does negative news do to us?

Research shows that watching negative news leads to feeling significantly more anxious and sad. Also it leads to people thinking and talking about their own worries more. Is also leads to thinking more catastrophically about their own worries. So because of negative news, people make their own worries seem much worse that it was before watching news or that it in reality is.

egative news has a great psychological effect on people. The bombardment of negative news is not only making people feel terrible, it can lead to more concerns about their personal situations and their world view. 

Unfortunately there is a lot of misery around the world. And obviously newspapers and tv continue to emphasize these stories instead of also focusing on what is going well. It seems to be what sells. This trend needs to be stopped. We need to inform the public about all the good things that are happening all over the world. Research has shown that if you receive positive news, it actually improves your outlook on live and your worries. Think about how you felt after watching that feel good movie, remember how good it made you feel. You feel like the world is a wonderful place and your worries seem not to matter. No think about what happens when you see something negative. You probably feel somewhat numbed, unwell, in general not positive. What feeling would you rather have?

We at DailyNewsTwist are trying to make a difference by bringing the positive news. Hopefully we will improve your view on the world in a positive way. Thank you for reading.